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Welcome to this site. I guess you have an interest in andullation therapy. I run an Andullation Studio in San Agustin in Gran Canaria. In this blog post I just want to let you know what andullation therapy is.

What is Andullation?

See the video about the science behind andullation

There is a new generation of treatment methods based on biophysics. With high technology we can find out more with research and also create more advanced medical treatment methods.

In very short terms andullation is infrared light and vibrations in combination. The infrared light goes deeply into the cells and easily speaking resets the balance in our cells.

With the vibration the blood circulation and the lymph system increase which means that all the cell, organs, muscles, bones and all other structures will get more nutrition. The garbage from the cells will get a fast transportation to the cleaning organs in our body, for example the liver and the kidneys.

Infra red light

There are 5 basic efficacy principles where the andullation can have a positive impact on our body.

The duct is not directed against a specific organ or organ system, but positively affects the essential body functions. It lays the foundation for preserving and recreating good health.

#1 Principal of Biophysical Development-Energy Production in our Cells

Andullation creates electrical micro currents that stimulate the formation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

This process ensures that the energy in our cells increases, which has a positive impact on our bodies and hence our health.

It is okay if you don’t grab this, the important thing is that the andullation increase your energy and you feel good.

#2 Principal of Biophysical Development-Overlay Pain Signals

The ductility enables neurophysiological and hormonal overlay of pain signals. In the first part, positive signals are triggered in our body, which obstructs the negative signals of pain.

Because of this overlay, our brain gets more and more positive signals that relieve the pain. In the second part, the respiration ensures a regular release of endorphins. Endorphins are also known as ”the body’s own analgesics”.

#3 Principal of Biophysical Development-Increase Blood Circulation

Many problems are related to poor or bad blood circulation. Our blood supplies our body with nutrients. With poor blood circulation this process is disturbed and we get tired and sick. Here too, there are differences in blood flow between healthy and diseased blood. Blood cells of diseased blood stick together and shrink. Thus, the cells lose their vitality and transport not enough nutrition The duckling moves the blood and dissolves the blood cells. Thus, the blood becomes more fluid and nutrients are transported again in larger amounts. And we feel healthier and more vital.

#4 Principal of Biophysical Development-Relaxation

Bodily relaxation

Strenuous activities lead to muscle tension in our body. As a consequence, the muscles are not supplied with enough nutrients. The duodenal helps to expand the blood vessels and improve the blood circulation of the muscles. Nutrients are re-absorbed and voltage conditions dissolve.

Mental relaxation

Stress has a negative impact on our nervous system. With andullation, you get equal weight, because the positive signals relate to negative effects. And the stress is decreasing.

#5 Principal of Biophysical Development-Lymphatic System

Lymph is not only an element of our immune system, it contributes significantly to the removal of slag products from the body. Regular stimulation promotes a stable immune system and well functioning metabolism.

The duct is not directed against a specific organ or organ system, but positively affects the essential body functions. It lays the foundation for preserving and recreating good health.

The science behind andullation see the movie here


With modern technology we absolutely know more and there is a possibility to develop more medical treatment methods than ever before. Andullation is one of them. effects the smallest cells in our body and increase the energy in them. That make us feel better and more alert.

Andullation also overlay the pain signals, if the pain signal don’t reach your brain but the positive ones do. It starts some feel good process in the body.

The increase of the blood circulation make that more nutrition gets to the cells and all the garbage will go to the cleaning systems like the liver and kidneys.

When you are relaxed in body and mental you are able to make better decisions. You let the stress system rest and that make your health much better.

The lymphatic system is so important to remove slag from the body. This system is basic for our well being.

Andullation provide everything the body needs. I have to say this is of course a complement to good habits like exercising and eat healthy food.

It could also be a great kick start for better life quality.

Thank you for following, if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I love to help you.



CEO of Ikas Andullation Studio, San Agustin Gran Canaria

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